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The fight for justice is not easy. With our dedicated civil rights lawyer by your side, it is possible not only to “fight city hall” but to fight and win.

At Christopher Smith Trial Group, our attorney knows how to prevail for high-profile clients facing the glare and pressure of publicity. He also takes the cases that no one has heard of, relentless in his pursuit of justice for individuals who have been wronged by police or government agencies.

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Fighting For Rights And Results

You see it in headlines every day: police brutality, use of excessive force, false arrests, unjustified police shootings. The violation of a person’s civil rights can take many forms. No matter where it happens or who it happens to, it is always wrong.

Taking on city hall or a large corporation is never simple or easy, but our renowned Chicago civil rights attorney is up to the challenge. Christopher R. Smith fights for the rights of people who have suffered at the hands of police officers on the street or have been harmed in jail cells by corrections officers or personnel.

Chicago’s Civil Rights Law Firm – Serving The Chicago Area And Northern Illinois

We Hold Them Accountable For The Wrongs They Do

Our attorney holds law enforcement personnel accountable for civil rights violations, whether it happens in the city or the suburbs:

  • Police misconduct: The Constitution protects citizens from police officers or sheriff’s deputies who use excessive force, cause injuries or death in unjustified shootings, coerce confessions or make false arrests.
  • Prisoner abuse: You do not forfeit your constitutional rights in prison. We hold guards and prison officials accountable for beatings, sexual assaults, wrongful death, denial of health care and unacceptable jail and prison conditions.

Justice Was Served


Our client was wrongfully arrested and falsely accused and endured 10 months in jail on a charge that was eventually thrown out. A federal jury awarded major damages.

Jackson v. City of Chicago


A federal jury awarded damages to our clients who were beaten, subjected to racial epithets and falsely charged by city police officers.

Adams v. City of Chicago


In a prisoners’ rights case, a jury awarded damages to a family whose loved one died in Cook County jail because he did not receive necessary medical attention.

Thomas v. Cook County


Our attorney secured a wrongful conviction settlement for a client who was wrongly accused and spent 11 years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit.

Hampton vs. City of Chicago


Settlement awarded for excessive force wrongful death to a mother whose teenage son was fatally shot by police officers.

Elam vs City of Chicago