Handling Civil And Criminal Appeals Throughout Illinois

At Christopher Smith Trial Group, we know the fight for justice is rarely easy. Opponents seek to deny our clients both their liberty and fair compensation. But with our assistance, criminally prosecuted men and women have regained their right to walk free, and those unjustly wronged have been awarded millions of dollars in judgments and settlements.

If the law was misapplied or a legal error occurred in the proceedings of your case, turn to us to explore every option for getting the original ruling overturned. Appellate practice presents unique challenges that require focus, experience and skill. Our Illinois law firm is available to represent clients in both Illinois state appellate courts and the United States Court of Appeals, to bring successful appeals or to defeat an adversary’s challenge to verdict. Our attorneys are litigators who can identify the appropriate issues and arguments to be made in post-trial motions and appeals.

In the continuing battle for justice, we do everything within our power to deliver victory, one client at a time.

Complex Civil And Class-Action Litigation

Do you have a legal challenge to a practice that harmed others similarly to yourself? Your case may present an opportunity for class-action litigation. Complex class-action litigation requires knowledge of the unique legal issues and the complicated ability to coordinate numerous parties and complex factual issues.

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