We Hold Them Accountable

Holding Police Accountable For Excessive Force And Unjustified Shootings

Law enforcement has a lot of latitude when pursuing and subduing suspects. But there is a difference between reasonable and necessary force and use of force that is unnecessary, excessive, abusive or vindictive.

When police take things too far and cause lasting harm or death, Christopher Smith Trial Group is there to rein them in and hold them accountable. Our civil rights attorney has prevailed in police misconduct actions against the City of Chicago, Cook County and law enforcement agencies throughout northern Illinois.

What Is Excessive Use Of Force?

Law enforcement personnel or prison staff should use no more force than necessary to subdue a citizen or inmate and take them into custody. All too often, police and sheriff’s personnel pile on or use gratuitous force when making an arrest, resulting in serious or fatal injuries.

Examples of police excessive force include:

  • Beating or kicking a suspect
  • Blows to the head with a police baton
  • Outlawed choke holds
  • Throwing a handcuffed person to the ground
  • Misuse of K-9 units (police dogs)
  • Excessive pepper spray at close quarters
  • Gratuitous or punitive use of Tasers
  • Unjustified use of deadly force against an unarmed person

We Get Justice For Police Brutality

Christopher Smith Trial Group has obtained numerous verdicts and settlements for excessive force, including a $3.7 million recovery for clients who were beaten by Chicago police and subjected to racial epithets and then – adding insult to injury – falsely arrested on bogus charges.

Why Do Police Go Overboard With Use Of Force?

Some are “bad apples” who enjoy inflicting violence. Some are decorated cops who get carried away in the heat of the moment. But the underlying issue is a sense of entitlement and invincibility. Police believe they have the right to get rough to assert their dominance. They believe – as history has frequently shown – that they will get away with it. After a police-involved shooting, officers simply invoke the magic words “I feared for my life” as a shield against accountability.

Not on our watch! Police excessive force lawyer Christopher R. Smith has helped many Illinois citizens get justice by meticulously building a case to reveal police brutality, unjustified use of lethal force and the aftermath by cops, guards and their supervisors to cover up the abuse of power.

Were You The Victim Of Excessive Force By Police?

It’s intimidating to accuse the police of civil rights violations. But you have strong rights under state and federal law, and you have powerful protection when represented by Christopher Smith Trial Group. Our experienced and motivated attorney will pursue your rightful compensation for the harm to your health and human dignity or for the tragic and preventable death of a loved one at the hands of police.

Whether it happened in the city or the suburbs, contact our Chicago law firm today to arrange a consultation with Christopher Smith. Call us at 312-432-0400 or use the email form to tell us a few details.