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Dauntless Representation In High-Stakes Cases

If there is ever a time when it is absolutely essential to retain an attorney with extensive experience and unwavering commitment, it is when you are charged with a violent crime.

At Christopher Smith Trial Group, you will find the type of advocate you need. We fully understand that your freedom and even your very life may be on the line. Our Chicago violent crime lawyers are tough and seasoned champions on behalf of individuals throughout Illinois. We genuinely care about our clients and invest extensive time and effort into every case.

We have a noted track record of success in high-profile criminal cases nationwide. Our clients have included celebrities and other prestigious individuals charged with violent crimes.

Our law firm handles a broad range of charges, including:

  • Murder or homicide – First-degree murder, vehicular homicide and more
  • Assault and battery – Simple assault, aggravated battery and more
  • Sex crimes – Rape, sexual assault, child pornography, molestation and more
  • Other violent crimes – Armed robbery, domestic violence, weapons offenses and more

Call A Cook County Attorney To Defend Against Assault, Homicide And Other Charges

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