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It can happen to you. It can happen to your son or to your daughter. It can happen to your mother or father, a neighbor or a friend. No matter who has their civil right violated, the harm is widespread. It harms not only the victim, but the rest of society as well.

Governments rely on intimidation to get away with violations of civil rights. The experienced, skilled lawyers of Christopher Smith Trial Group are not intimidated by government officials, police departments, corrections officers or others who abuse rights. We take the fight to them in Chicago, Cook County and northern Illinois.

We Hold Them Accountable

We hold police officers accountable for the damage they do, whether it is done in the city or in the suburbs. With our civil rights attorneys on your side, you can effectively fight back against official wrongdoing.

  • Law enforcement officer misconduct: Police officers and sheriff’s deputies who use excessive force, cause injuries or death in unjustified shootings, coerce confessions, make false arrests or otherwise violate your rights.
  • Prisoner abuse: Violation of prisoners’ and suspects’ rights in cases of assaults, sexual assaults, wrongful death, denial of health care and unacceptable jail and prison conditions.

Our civil rights lawyers in Chicago know that when the police have used force or otherwise denied you your rights, intimidation can be a factor. After all, they have the power of the city, county, state or federal government behind them. We have the Constitution and jury system behind us, however.

We have a relentless approach to the pursuit of justice, whether it is in investigations, negotiations or in litigation.

Our record of results speaks for itself:

  • A jury verdict of $7.9 million for a client falsely arrested and detained after she tried to help a police officer.
  • A jury awarded $4.6 million to our clients; the family of a man who died in Cook County Jail because he did not receive the medical attention he needed.
  • A jury awarded $3.5 million in a police choking and wrongful death claim.
  • More than 100 settlements and jury awards for clients in false arrests, excessive force, malicious prosecution and wrongful detention cases.

We also represent clients who want to appeal a civil or criminal verdict.

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